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PRESS RELEASE: State Representative Steve Negron Opens Congressional Exploratory Committee


September 27, 2017

Nashua State Representative Launches Committee to Explore Run for 2nd Congressional District Seat


NASHUA, NH — State Representative Steve Negron (R-Nashua) announced the launch of an exploratory committee for the 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire.  Mr. Negron is a veteran (Ret. Air Force Major) and small business owner, whose family is very involved in the Nashua community.


Statement from Hon. Steve Negron


“It is my sincerest hope we can restore New Hampshire’s common sense to Washington. We have such talented people, a rich history and the ability to make real change happen. Join me and our 242 Citizens’ Coalition - your voice is important and New Hampshire is unique…we must demand better, it must start with your participation today.


“The time for accountability and reform is now.


“As a political newcomer and outsider to the process in Concord it became clear to me that some in Washington are entrenched and opposed to real economic and bureaucratic reforms. This has cast its long shadow and smothered the voice of the taxpayers, their families and the hardworking people of our state.  


“When I first decided to serve, it was my goal to make our community committed to making our NH families’ voice heard in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I worked hard to focus on making Nashua and New Hampshire a safer place to raise our children, a great place to live and work, and one with a friendly business environment to provide well-paying jobs. As a veteran, it was also my focus that our communities were supportive and attentive to the needs of all our veterans.


“However, as we debate in Concord, my admiration for our discourse in New Hampshire continues to be an example of how to keep government closest to the people.  With its citizen lead legislative approach – we see more and more a contrast to the brokenness of Washington. Our efforts to reform our national process begins today. The games of Washington, politics and divisiveness must end.  Therefore I have decided to take a necessary active step in determining the potential as a candidate, exploring a run in the 2nd Congressional District of New Hampshire.

“As evidenced by seizing of a camera phone, ignoring personal responsibilities, combative reticent constituent service, and the palpable ignorance of the issues for no more than political gamesmanship; it is obvious that we must do a better job representing Granite State families and citizens in Washington. A demand for putting personal agendas aside and getting back to the work of people must be our highest priority.


“Regardless of who represents us in Washington, at this point we must demand better.  Therefore, we have formed a citizen’s coalition to reach out to all corners of the New Hampshire and seek opinions and answers to the questions of the people.  Our effort is called the 242 Citizens’ Coalition (242C2) – it is a citizens’ coalition responsible for reaching out and identifying individuals who believe members of congress should be responsible to the people who elected them, period.


“Members of Congress should always put New Hampshire citizens first and we will evaluate and review actions taken by Congress and its members and contrast them what we hearing in the living rooms, auditoriums, and kitchen tables across the state. All aspects of the citizens’ coalition platform and current issues, as articulated in the five tenets listed, remain our highest priority. Where our voice is not heard, 242 C2 will provide the forum for all disenfranchised families across the State of New Hampshire.”


242 Citizens’ Coalition Tenets

The 242 Citizens’ Coalition will ensure the voice of Granite Staters in Congress by restoring the New Hampshire Advantage by undertaking the following tasks:


  • Ensure federal bureaucratic accountability and reform
  • Increase transparency and citizen involvement in federal government rule making
  • Lower federal tax burden on New Hampshire families
  • Restore America’s ability to compete in the global job market
  • Provide active leadership on policies promoting innovation and job creation


“It was a privilege to serve Nashua at the statehouse and bring this philosophy to government.  As I explore the possibilities of reforming Washington as a potential candidate – it is my focus to keep the voice of New Hampshire vibrant as policies are argued and debated in Washington.


Throughout his ‘outsider’ legislative career, Steve is currently a State Representative representing Nashua District 32, Nashua Ward 5. Steve serves on the Election Law Committee, and is the Committee Whip.  During Steve's term he heard almost 900 bills on the floor and over 50+ in his Election Law committee.   


Steve is very active within his community. He is a Member of the Board of Advisors of World Academy, Religious Education Teacher for Immaculate Conception Parish, Charter Organization Representative and Former Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 410, Knights of Columbus Council 13904, Immaculate Conception Parish, Past President for the Paul Revere Chapter of the Air Force Association (AFA), Past Chairman of the Board for the North Suburban Chamber of Commerce.


A retired Air Force Major, Steve started his own small business, Integron LLC, building on his expertise as a leader in the Defense Industry at Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics Corporations. Steve's initial assignment was as an ICBM Missile Combat Crew Member at Whiteman AFB, MO, followed by an assignment to Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, finally being assigned to the Directorate of Requirements, Air Force Space Command, in Colorado Springs, CO. Steve retired from the U.S. Air Force in June of 1998.


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