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For 242 years New Hampshire’s citizen led government has been a leader in delivering the voice of the people.  Unfortunately, we are still seeing people working harder than ever before to make ends meet, veterans lost in a bureaucratic quagmire, a nation becoming less competitive around the globe, and the cost of innovation and job creation more expensive than ever before in history.

The time for accountability and reform is now.  

Some in Washington are entrenched and opposed to real economic and bureaucratic reforms.  This has cast its long shadow and smothered the voice of the taxpayers, their families and the hardworking people of our state.  The games of Washington, politics and divisiveness must end.

New Hampshire’s families must demand better from their representatives in Washington.  In the Granite State, we have witnessed our political leaders’ regrettable tone of indifference which has silenced the voice of the people, the New Hampshire citizens from whom the power to govern is derived.  There is a disturbing lack of accountability in our elected representatives as evidenced by their combative and reticent attitudes toward constituent service, their lack of personal responsibility, and their arrogant abuse of power. 

In one case, a representative of the people even seized the cell phone of a private citizen who was doing nothing more than asking questions.  Worse than all of this is a palpable ignorance of the issues that matter most to New Hampshire voters and actions that are driven by political gamesmanship instead of the genuine desire to do all that is possible to serve the union worker, the homeowner, the small business person, the single mom, the college student, and the veteran.  Every single New Hampshire voter deserves no less. 

We need to hear from you.  Please join the 242 coalition and make your voice heard. Enough is enough and its time to tell them so.

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